Submissions for 2024

We look forward to receiving film submissions for the 20th La.Meko film festival happening in November 2024.

Conditions for Submissions

  • Max. length per film: 30 minutes
  • No promotional contents
  • Languages: German and any other language with English and/or German subtitles
  • The film has not yet been submitted to La.Meko festival
  • The festival copy can be provided as an HD media file (e.g. h264, Apple ProRes etc).

Film Submission FAQ

What are the submission deadlines?
The deadline for submitting a film for the next La.Meko festival is December 15, 2023. The deadline for submissions from universities and distributors may differ.

How do I submit my film?
Please fill in our online application form. Within the form, please provide a preview link to an online streaming ressource (e.g. Vimeo). No file-transfer links like WeTransfer, Dropbox etc. please!

How many films can I submit?
You may submit two films per director, but please fill in the the application form for each film separately.

Are there any fees for submitting a film?
No. In return, however, the La.Meko festival does not pay licence fees for films submitted to the competition. This is because all our screenings are non-commercial in nature and the festival does not generate any revenue from the screenings or any other related activities.

Will I receive confirmation that my film has been submitted?
No, you will not get a confirmation. If your film has been accepted, we will get in contact via email.

Are there any awards?
There are currently at least six awards with prize money of between €250 and €500. Three of the awards are selected by a jury, the others by the votes of the audience.

If you have any difficulties with your submission or any further questions regarding your application, please contact us by email at

Go for it!